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Eyelid Surgery

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An eyelid surgery can help restore the youthful forms in the face for a firmer, fresh-faced, and youthful look.

Eyelid surgery blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure which involves removing excess skin and fat from the upper eyelid and the pockets that form under the eyes.


It refreshes and revitalizes the face as it reshapes, renews fabrics, removes excess skin and returns a youthful and pleasant look.


Depending on the patient's body the results may last for several years or be permanent.


2 hours approximately.


  • General anesthesia or local anesthesia with intravenous sedation.
  • Usually does not require hospitalization.
  • In 2 or 3 days you can start reading and 5 to 10 days you can resume work activities. After 2 weeks will be allowed the use of contact lenses prior titration. Alcohol consumption and activities that require physical effort are resumed after 3 weeks.


Temporary swelling, bruising, feeling of tension. There is probably excessive tearing and sensitivity to light in the first few weeks. Itching and dryness are temporary.

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