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Dental Bonding

$230.00 USD

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Bone Grafting is the replacement or augmentation of the portion of the jaw bone that anchors the teeth. It’s a surgical procedure that’s often done to reverse the loss or resorption of bone that may have occurred due to tooth loss, trauma, disease or ill-fitting dentures; and to rebuild the bone structure beneath the gums in preparation for the placement of dental implants or other tooth replacements.

When a bone graft is implanted in the jaw, it doesn’t just simply fill a void in the bone; it may also help promote new bone growth in that location. When successful, bone grafting can restore both the height and width of your jawbone. Bone grafts are placed with material provided from “Bone banks” and it is a procedure that helps you get Dental Implants when your jawbone is shrinking.

Healthy jawbone structures are critical for tooth retention and good oral health, as well as for aesthetic reasons. When bone is missing, or of poor quality, teeth don’t function, feel or look as well as they should, or may even fall out. When teeth are missing, the mouth area of the face eventually loses structure, a cause for concern for most patients.

Some of the reasons why teeth bone in the jaw may be missing or of poor quality include: Disease, Trauma, Developmental deformity or Previous dental procedures.


Bone Graft is sold per cc "cubic centimeters".

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