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$100.00 USD

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Botox is an injectable medicine that causes muscles to weaken, resulting in decreased wrinkles when applied to areas of the face such as the forehead, glabella, and crow’s feet. In the botox lip flip, botox is injected in the upper lip, along the vermillion, which results in a relaxation of the upper lip. In doing so, the upper lip rolls upward or “flips”, creating a fuller appearance of the upper lip.

Lip lift is an in-office surgical procedure that is aimed to shorten the space between the nose and the top of the lip. This surgical procedure increases the amount of lip that is visible, making the lips look fuller and more pronounced. This lip lift plastic surgery can create the shape and fullness desired.

Lip enhancement is one of our specialties at City Facial Plastics in NYC, giving our patients advanced cosmetic options to achieve the lip appearance they desire. Lips are extremely delicate and require attention to detail and artistic nuance that is provided by an experienced plastic surgeon in New York City, Dr. Gary Linkov.

What Is a Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a surgical procedure in which a small piece of skin under the nose is removed resulting in an altered appearance of the upper lip and more visible upper teeth. There are many different types of lip lifts, and a discussion with your doctor on your desired look will help him or her decide which type is right for you. To fully grasp what a lip lift is, it is important to understand the anatomy of the lip.

Since ancient times, people have been searching for ways to enhance their lips. Ancient Egyptians, both men and women, routinely wore red lipstick made of gemstones, flowers and beeswax to augment their appearance. Over 2000 years later, technology and techniques have evolved and one of today’s most popular trends in lip enhancement is the lip lift.

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