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The procedure by which the buttocks are molded and enlarged is known as gluteoplasty , which is performed with lipoinjection called Brazillian butt lift or with the use of prostheses, in case of congenital disorders, muscular hypertrophy or lipodystrophy.

Within the changes that the person will notice in your hips, is the evident increase of the zone, which will be equal or proportional to the placed implant.

In which patients is gluteoplasty indicated?

The first thing to take into account the person to undergo this operation, are the expectations of the procedure to be performed. The gluteoplasty help improve the physical appearance of the gluteus; But what will not improve will be the self-esteem of the patient who is undergoing the operation, since usually the person who resorts to this cosmetic surgery is because they feel unhappy with the appearance of their hips.

The prostheses

The material used is of different textures and size; Likewise, these should be changed just like the mammary, in a time of 10 to 15 years.

Possible complications of a gluteoplasty

The majority of patients who undergo this have a satisfactory medical evolution; However, there is a very small group that could suffer from some complication, so it is very important that the doctor advises his patient in the preoperative consultation on possible complications, such as:

- That there is some gluteal asymmetry

- Bruising

- Infections

If these complications are treated on time and with timely treatment, no further care is required.

Other techniques that are used in addition to the prosthesis, as mentioned above, is lipoinyeccion, which consists of the extraction of fat from the same patient. To be reinserted in the gluteal region, the volume will depend on the desired size, but other things to be taken into account is that it is recommended that lipoinjection be above 30 and 40% of the desired volume, since It has been shown that part of the fat deposited is reabsorbed.

Something important is that this decrease is in the first months; But after the whole inflammation process passes, the growth factors present in the fat stimulate the enlargement of the buttocks at the expense of the fatty tissue.

Also, it is important to know that in the market there is the injection of biopolymers by doctors, beauticians or any other person without ethics.

Many countries prohibit the use of this substance, but unfortunately there are others where the use of biopolymer is legal.

This substance is nothing more than plastic, which once introduced into the body can not be eliminated, but rather can migrate to other parts of the body.

Many people change the name with the intention of making money within the names to which they are known are, metracril, expansive cells, biopolymers and methacrylates.

What is recommended to the patients is that before performing a gluteoplasty , whatever method is to be used, what they do with a doctor who is within the plastic surgery specialty, and also this certificate, for their school. It is necessary that the patient knows the benefits and risks involved in performing the procedure.


This costs includes Liposuction***

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