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Use Your Own Fat for Butt Augmentation
Brazilian Butt Lift Mexico

To enhance a flat posterior, many people, for whom a shapely butt is a desirable trait, opt for butt augmentation surgery. A popular type of butt augmentation is the Brazilian butt lift, which involves injecting the patient’s own fat into the buttocks to create a rounder, more voluptuous silhouette. The Brazilian butt lift is a safe and effective procedure that poses minimal risk, yet offers numerous advantages.

About Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

A Brazilian butt lift is a type of fat transfer procedure. Fat transfer procedures remove fat from one area of the body and inject it into another area – such as the butt, breasts, or face - to enhance or augment it. The greatest perk of fat transfer procedures is that they essentially shrink one area while adding volume to another. If a patient is concerned with a pocket of fat on the abdomen or hips, it can be transferred to the butt to add curves.

A Brazilian butt lift involves using Liposuction in the donor fat region with re-injection of the donor fat to the buttocks. The combination between liposuction and fat injections ensures that the right areas look lean, and the butt looks prominent and shapely. Our plastic surgeon removes fat from a selected area of the body, such as the back, abdomen, hips, or thighs. The fat is purified and processed so that only the best tissue is selected for re-injection. The surgeon then injects the fat into the butt to enhance its shape and size. Typically the fat is injected into the upper quadrants to provide a “lifting” effect. However, the exact size and shape will depend on the patient’s desires and the surgeon’s recommendations.

Patients may experience some bruising and swelling after the procedure, but this should dissipate quickly, giving way to overall pleasing results.

Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

The Brazilian butt lift is a safe and effective procedure, especially when the surgeon performing it is experienced and board certified. The procedure offer numerous advantageous over the placement of implants; since the procedure uses the patient’s own tissue to enhance the butt, there is less risk of infection or of the body rejecting an implant. The butt lift not only adds volume to the butt, it also removes unwanted fat from other areas of the body. The results are natural-looking and long-lasting.

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