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Breast Augmentation

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The breast augmentation is a medical term used for a surgical procedure that seeks to increase the volume of the breasts through the use of a breast implant. This surgery is used primarily to add bulk to naturally small breasts (inherited condition), restore breast volume lost after pregnancies, breastfeeding or excessive weight loss and to achieve greater breast symmetry when there is a significant disproportion.

However, this procedure does not seek to correct sagging breasts. In these cases, where the patient wants to increase the volume and correct the position and shape of breasts, a mastopexy should be associated with the implant. The implant matopexia implant placement requires more adjusting of the breast skin to adapt to the new volume and that it maintains an aesthetic shape.

The breast implant surgery is very individual and that is why the patient should seek to satisfy their own desire in volume ratio and not the desire of others. Adult females can perform this surgery since the breasts are fully developed. Breastfeeding is usually not harmed by this procedure, however there is no guarantee of being able to breastfeed in the future as this is a physiological process that may be affected by many other factors independent of the breast implant.

The place where the implant will be placed, type and size will be determined by the anatomy of the breast, body type, the desire in relation to breast enlargement and the judgment of the surgeon. Periodic evaluation of implants and regular checkups are necessary after breast surgery. You should be aware that no breast implants are guaranteed to last forever. Thus, a future surgery may be necessary to change them. Pregnancy, weight loss and menopause may influence the shape of the breasts over time.

Currently, breast implants offer a wide safety margin. The duration of the surgical procedure is about 1 to 2 hours. The types of anesthesia used are General or epidural. The stay in the clinic is about a night or can be outpatient. Post-operative care include the use of an elastic strip and fasteners without seams during 2 to 4 weeks.

Therefore, this surgery is best indicated for:

-Patients healthy and eager to improve appearance of the breast.

-Next to the ideal weight for height and body type

-Non smokers

-Individuals with clear objectives and within the real possibilities of the procedure, including being aware of its limitations.

You will be asked to sign a consent form to ensure you understood everything explained by the doctor regarding the procedure to be done and are aware of the possible and potential complications. The most common complications of this surgery include: accumulation of fluid under the skin (seroma), blood under the skin (hematoma) painful areas, areas with lack of sensitivity, areas of tenderness, swelling, infection, poor healing, formation of thrombi, and anesthetic complications. In some cases, implants can cause an alteration in the shape and tenderness of the breasts, called capsular contracture. The created scar tissue around the implant can cause the breast to be firmer than normal. Despite being a complication that can be treated through surgery, the correction is not always permanent.

After surgery you will wake up with healing dressing on the operated region and whose function is to make local compression. A suction drain will be used to avoid the accumulation of any fluid or blood, this drain is usually removed within 48 to 72 hours.
The day of surgery you will be encouraged to get out of bed for short periods and wander around the room. While lying down, flex and stretch your feet, exercising the calfs at least 20 times every hour when awake. In the following days, wandering around every two hours for about 10 to 15 minutes is recommended, to prevent thrombosis.

Care in relation to the surgical wound, such as changes of dressings, monitoring, and necessary prescriptions will be delivered by the surgeon.
At first the sensation of edema (swelling), bruised regions of the operated area and discomfort are normal. The pain will be controlled with medication and should not be more than tolerable. If you have any questions regarding some of these symptoms, ask your surgeon.
You will be instructed to avoid physical exertion or heavy lifting for several weeks after postoperative. The return to normal activities will be gradual and according to the orientation of the surgeon. Some areas with lack of sensitivity and discreetly hardened in the operated region may occur and gradually improve in the months that follow.

As the initial healing process takes 5 to 10 days, stitches will only be removed after this period. The entire process takes several months and is therefore necessary to maintain some specific care to be guided by your plastic surgeon. The resulting scars are permanent and the final result depends on the individuality of each patient.

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