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Breast Augmentation

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Today more than ever it is necessary to project the best image; our body, our dress and act manner is part of the perception others have of us.

The breasts, as well as the gluteus area, have been in all ages the most watched and admired anatomical regions. Also, the current fashion is inspired by and has as one of its main objectives to exalt the beauty of breasts and gluteus. In fact they are the sexual attraction elements which occupy the first places in the concept of beauty in almost all cultures and ethnic groups.

The neckline is the most exposed part of the body and is of concern to those with little bust; who have sagging breasts; and even when they are unusually large.

Breast implants are the option for women of all ages looking to beautify their breasts and above all have a perfect cleavage. For more than 50 years numerous studies have shown that silicone implants are safe for cosmetic purposes; that sensitivity is not lost and can breastfeed.

The breast augmentation surgery is the second surgery, after liposuction, which is most widely performed around the world and more and more women come to us to improve their breasts safely using silicone implants.

It’s very important to know that implants are placed primarily in four ways; Areola, in the breast fold, by the armpit, and through the navel. A fifth option is via the abdominal route, but only when the breast augmentation is combined with a tummy tuck.

The candidates are young women who do not yet have children, women who have had pregnancies, pre and postmenopausal, etc. Breast augmentation is what we offer to women of almost every age after the age of 18.

It is a short, minimally invasive procedure, of about 45 minutes, without pain and with very minimal risks. The recovery period is so short that usually before ten days the patients return to their work and social activities.

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