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Breast Augmentation

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Breasts are the icon of femininity, their nice contour and size has always been important for women to feel they have a harmonious figure, this is why when nature has endowed them with small attributes, they seek an alternative to enlarge them, for this theres Breast Augmentation.

Dr. Lina Triana offers breast augmentation for those women who want to look better. This surgery can be done with implants and/or fat transfer.

Fat transfer involves removing fat from the body and injecting it into the breasts, thus enhancing and shaping their size, this option is ideal for people who do not want to use implants.

The goal of augmentation mammoplasty is naturalness in order to achieve a proper body harmony.

Am I a candidate for Breast Augmentation?
If you want to improve the harmony of the body and increase the size of your breasts, then you are an ideal candidate for augmentation mammoplasty. It is recommended that women who undergo breast augmentation are already fully developed and have the sufficient maturity and clarity of what is involved in this procedure, they should not be minors or under legal age. Woman that want to have a breast lipomodelling procedure should have a mammogram previous to the surgery and also any woman older that 40 years old that want to have a breast surgery.

What types of implants are available?
There is currently a number of types, models, shapes and brands of implants. We usually work with Mentor silicone implants, but the ideal implant will be determined according to each individual case. There are also different fillings:- Saline breast implants: filled with sterile water.
- Silicone breast implants: filled with silicone with cohesive gel, which give a more natural consistency.

How is a Breast Augmentation done?
The surgery lasts about 60 minutes beginning with anesthesia, which may be epidural with sedatives, or general anesthesia. Then an incision is made in the breast leaving a pocket to insert the implant. There are several places where the implant can be placed: behind the muscle, behind the fascia of the muscle, and behind the gland. The type of pocket to be used will depend on each individual case but I prefer to place the implant behind the muscle.
If breast fat transfer is desired, it is necessary that the patient undergo a liposculpture first in order to obtain the fat that will be injected in the breasts to give them the proper size and shape.

How is the recovery after a Breast Augmentation?
After undergoing an augmentation mammoplasty procedure it is recommended not to make any physical effort for several weeks. The use of a bra is necessary 24-7 until the healing period is completed. In some cases an elastic band must be used to help reduce swelling.
Patients with silicone implants are advised to have ultrasound therapy during their post-operative care to help reduce inflammation.
Some alternative treatments that help achieve a better recovery are serum therapy and adequate skin care. After breast augmentation it is likely that the skin remains overstretched and this may cause stretch marks, to counteract them, a good nourishing body cream must be used.

Where does Dr. Lina Triana operate?
Dr. Lina Triana has her own medical practice located in San Fernando neighborhood in Cali, Colombia. In her office, you will find a peaceful atmosphere in harmony with corporate values; it is here where all the pre and post-surgical procedures take place.

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