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Breast Augmentation

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Breast enlargement is consistently ranked in the top three of all cosmetic surgery procedures year after year, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This safe and straightforward procedure gives our New York breast augmentation patients newfound satisfaction in their appearance

Not only is breast augmentation rewarding, it’s a good choice for many different patients. It can be an option for young women who feel their breasts are too small and for those whose breasts seem deflated after pregnancy or weight loss or simply due to the aging process. Breast implants can also help correct conditions such as tubular or asymmetric breasts.

Our Breast Augmentation Philosophy

During your consultation, we’ll help you understand all your options thoroughly and assist you with your decisions. For the all-important size decision, for example, we’ll have you “try on” various implants to see how they look and feel on your frame. We will explain the different aspects of breast enlargement surgery and answer all your questions. You will not feel rushed.

With a track record that spans three decades of plastic surgery, Dr. Jacobs has performed breast augmentation and breast augmentation revision surgery for thousands of patients in New York. Breast augmentation at our practice focuses on creating beautiful, natural looking breasts through a gentle, safe, comfortable experience.

Breast Augmentation Overview

Dr. Jacobs offers both saline and silicone breast implants. Both are FDA-approved as safe and effective, and there are pros and cons for each type. You’ll get the chance to examine different implants and learn more about them during your appointment.

Based on your implant choice and your ultimate goals, Dr. Jacobs will explain the options related to incision sites. Most patients have incisions around the edge of the areolas or just beneath the breast in the crease. You and he will also plan whether to place the implants under or over the chest muscle, depending on your body characteristics and your lifestyle.

Surgery will be performed in our accredited surgical suite under twilight anesthesia – a gentle, relaxed sleep that usually leaves no headache or nausea. After Dr. Jacobs carefully positions your implants, he’ll close your incisions with dissolving sutures and apply surgical tape. You’ll be placed in a soft post-op bra and monitored during a brief recovery. The entire process usually takes about 90 minutes.

After breast enlargement you’ll take it easy for a week to week and a half. There will likely be swelling and light bruising during this time. You can return to work and light activities in about a week, gradually adding more strenuous moves.

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