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Breast Augmentation

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It is a procedure the reduction of the size of the breasts and the elevation of the same ones. It applies to women with large breasts (hypertrophy) and drooping (ptotic).

The amount of breast tissue changes proportional to weight, pregnancy, and hormonal changes. The ligaments and the duct system in the mammary gland will stretch and the breast will descend. There are multiple causes why mammary hypertrophy occurs. On the one hand there are hormonal factors at the time of the woman's development or after breastfeeding, thus constituting large breasts; in some genetically they present an exaggerated growth of the presented breast gigantomastia.

Breast reduction seeks several objectives such as relocating the areola and nipple to a higher position, improving breast shape by reducing the size of the mammary gland. The reduction mammoplasty seeks to locate as best as possible the scars that are necessary to organize the skin that is left over when the gland is removed. It will have an inverted T-shaped scar in which the horizontal portion is hidden at the level of the submammary groove and the vertical at the lower pole, or L-shaped or periareolar according to the chosen technique.

The surgery lasts between 3 to 4 hours.


It is done under General anesthesia.

It can be done ambulatory or hospitalized according to each patient.

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