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Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure performed to increase the volume of the breast by using implants that are inserted through a small incision of 3 cm. at the periareolar, axillary, or sub-mammary level in the sub-muscular or sub glandular space

The breast augmentation is performed for many reasons, such as improve body contour, especially in cases where the breasts are small, the patient wants to improve the loss of volume after pregnancy, give harmony, and correct asymmetries between both breasts. In some patients, after mastectomy due to cancer, it is also possible to perform breast reconstruction with implants.

The best candidates for this surgery are women who seek improvement in their self-image and not perfection in form nor try to imitate fashion models. If you are aware of your expectations, you can be a very good candidate. Breast implants are bags or containers made of silicone on its wall or envelope and are filled with silicone, saline solution (saline) or hydrogel.

Studies have proven that implants do not affect fertility or lactation in moments of pregnancy. Neither was it found that silicone could be a cause of breast cancer.

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