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Breast Augmentation

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To augment breast size, improve shape and symmetry through placement of breast implants, seeking a natural looking result within proportion to the rest of the body.

Improve the size and shape of your breast

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to enhance the size, lift and shape of your breasts. The most common reasons for women to take an interest in a breast augmentation are the feeling that the breast is too small for their body, breast asymmetry, the feeling that the upper body is out of proportion to their lower body and to regain volume which got lost due to weight loss or pregnancy. Dr. Marco Carmona is a double board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who always individualizes the treatment and surgical technique to your specific needs and circumstances.

 How is a breast augmentation performed?

A breast augmentation is accomplished by inserting an implant into the breast through a small incision to increase volume and firmness. The implant is placed under the muscle which will create a natural look.

Procedural Information

Length of surgery:

Two hours, on average. 

Type of surgery:

This surgery requires a short stay under medical observation.


General anesthesia or sedation, depending on the needs of the patient.

Post-operative recovery:

Stitches will be removed after ten days. After twelve to fifteen days regular activities may be resumed.

 Final Results:

Final results will be visible after all swelling has subsided, usually in three months time.


Incisions are made in the areola or in the breast fold and are usually not visible.

 Special attention:

You need to wear a special brasier for a couple of weeks after the surgery, along with assisting therapy indicated by the surgeon.

Are all breast implants the same?

No, breast implants differ in type, location, size, and form.

 What kind of breast implants exist?

 Two kinds of implants exist: one filled with a silicon gel and the other filled with a saline solution

 Am I a candidate for breast augmentation?

If you are a woman who is not satisfied with the shape and/or size of your breasts, due to weight loss or breastfeeding, among other reasons; breast augmentation is an option for you. If you have had a mastectomy, this procedure is a very effective way to reconstruct the breast.

 Will I be able to breastfeed after having breast augmentation surgery?

Yes, there is no evidence that breast implants affect fertility, pregnancy or a women's ability to breastfeed.

 What do I do if one of my breast implants ruptures?

Breast implant technology has improved much over time, they are much more resistant than in the past. If one were to rupture, it is important to contact your doctor immediately. A saline solution implant will deflate and the solution will be absorbed by the body; a silicon gel implant should be replaced immediately.

 Should I continue to have mammograms?

Yes. Remember to communicate to your radiologist that you have breast implants. A different technique is used for women who have implants, compared to women who do not.


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