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What you should know before performing a breast augmentation.

The augmentation mammoplasty is a plastic reconstruction of breasts to improve their appearance. This can be to increase or decrease the size.

This surgery involves placing a breast prosthesis or also called implants, which are made of silicone gel or saline solution; These can be placed in front of or behind the pectoral muscle, in order to give the breast better shape and firmness.

Do you know who the patients are told to have a mammoplasty ?

1.- In those patients who feel uncomfortable with the size of their breasts, which makes them feel insecure.

2.- When there is no proportion between the breasts and the size of the hips

3.- When the patient feels that her breasts do not go with her dress, having to use in some cases fillings.

4.- In patients who have lost weight considerably, and these have lost tonicity and are flaccid.

5. When one breast is bigger than the other.

However, although there are patients who are advised to have a mammoplasty , there is also a person to whom this surgery is contraindicated . As are the cases in which the women present some infection in their body, malignant tumors, alteration in the times of coagulation of the blood, women with the depressed immune system or women who suspect of embryo. It is also contraindicated in those patients, who present emotional instability, in this case should wait the prudent time until this condition improves.

Some of these cases may be temporary, that is, when the contraindication is exceeded, the surgery can be performed; On the other hand, those that are permanent, the contraindication is going to be absolute.

Advantages, Risks and Uncertainties about Mammoplasty

- It gives security to the person, since the appearance of the breasts improves.

- Tight fitting clothing can be worn on top. Since there is an aesthetic effect that improves the silhouette of the trunk.

- Improves the relationship with the couple.

- Improves confidence and self-esteem in the person. A woman who does not feel at ease with her body, is not happy.

- It is a very simple surgery, which lasts between 1 and 2 hours; Which gives the patient peace of mind knowing that after surgery he will be able to go home.

Like the advantages, there is also a risk and uncertainty on the part of the patient who wants to perform a mammoplasty.  This is totally normal, since it will be something new for the person.

Like all surgery, there are risks, but there is less chance in the case of mammoplasty , since it is considered as a safe surgery. However, some of the risks could be:

- Muscle contracture with a percentage of 1 to 2% of patients. They are usually very mild and do not require any treatment.

- rupture of the prosthesis;  Is rare and in the case that happens a second intervention should be performed.

- Some books indicate that this surgery may interfere with the diagnosis of some malignant mass  in the breast, and others say that it is related to the onset of cancer. But all this has not been proven by any study.

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