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Breast Lift

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The law of gravity attached to the skin laxity and other fixing structures exert their inexorable effects. The breasts, like any other organ, are modified over time in both function and form.

It is said that the chest is having down breast or ptosis. The cause may be an excess weight of the gland (hypertrophy), an exaggerated sagging skin or both. The assessment is made by the height of the teats with respect to submammary crease or suprasternal notch, so ptosis is independent of volume, can occur in both normal-sized breasts and small breasts (hypotrophy).

After puberty the breasts are rigid in the amount of gland, as time passes there is a decreased amount of gland and an increased amount of fat which cause a tendency of the breast to fall. The mastopexy aims to change this situation, raising the breast and removing excess skin and existing breast tissue.

This procedure can get a better breast shape with a major firmness. The different techniques that are applied involve to make incisions following the natural contours of the breast around the areola, then the excess skin from the breast is removed by minimal incisions, and then reposition of the nipple, breast tissue and remnants of skin which are regrouped to reshape the breasts. The scars are located in the lower half of the breast.

The patient only stays at the hospital approximately 24 hours to leave the clinic with an occlusive dressing just for a week.

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