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Breast Lift

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Breast lift procedures are performed to correct the natural aging process or restore volume after weight loss or pregnancy. While returning your bust line to a youthful state, this surgery dramatically improves breast size and firmness.

Dr.Denisse Hernandez’s breast lift techniques create a firm, perky, long-lasting bust line. In some cases, he even advises patients use silicone implants. If a patient has sufficient tissue, a silicone implant can be used during this procedure.  They are preferred by patients who wish to not only raise their breasts but also increase size and volume. New developments with silicone implants create a permanent solution.

During any breast lift procedure, the patient’s tissue is used to reshape the breasts in their desired position. To achieve this, Dr. Denisse Hernandez uses the smallest possible incision lines. Excess skin from the lower part of the breast is removed through a vertical incision. However, a horizontal incision is sometimes required. This creates an inverted “T” shape. These incisions are always located on the lower half of the breast and are easy to conceal with low-cut blouses and bikinis. Results will last for many years following the surgery.

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