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Breast Lift

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Over the years women´s breasts tend to become flaccid and lose their natural position and shape. Pregnancy and hormones, age and weight changes are some factors that cause breasts to sag. A breast lift rejuvenates, enhances and removes excess skin, giving women a more harmonious figure.
Breast lift surgery may be paired along with breast augmentation with either implants or fat transfer.

Dr Lina Triana’s words:
For a breast reduction surgery I recommend that you finish your reproductive cycle or do not have in your plans any nearby pregnancies, since pregnancies and breast feeding affect your breast shape making them have a more saggy look.

Am I a candidate for a Breast Lift?
All women with flaccid or sagging breasts are candidates for mamopexy.

How is a Breast Lift surgery done?
For reduction mamoplasty, either epidural anesthesia combined with sedation or general anesthesia may be used; the type of anesthesia is determined with the anesthesiologist during a pre-surgical consultation.To perform the breast lift, an incision is made depending on the needs of the patient and then excess skin is removed.

How is the recovery after a Breast Lift?
After the procedure it is normal for the breasts to be swollen, therefore it is recommended to have some ultrasound sessions. The use of the postoperative bra is essential during the eight weeks following the surgery.

Where does Dr. Lina Triana operate?
Dr. Lina Triana has her own medical practice located in San Fernando neighborhood in Cali, Colombia. In her office, you will find a peaceful atmosphere in harmony with corporate values; it is here where all the pre and post-surgical procedures take place

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