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Lift, sculpt and shape your breasts to have a younger look!
With this type of surgery, you will improve the appearance of your breast.

Breast lift surgery is designed to recover the shape, volume and tone the skin of the breasts which, over the years, have changed due to weight fluctuations, pregnancy and/or breast feeding.

This surgery is performed in order to reposition the tissues, with the possibility of also increasing the volume, if the patient so desires.

There are different techniques to complete this surgery which all depend on your own unique situation. The most common are the Mastopexy (Lift) periareolar, which is the removal and repositioning of breast tissue through an incision around the areola. The second method is a complete Pexy lift with a “T” incision that goes from the areola down to the crease in your breasts and then an additional horizontal scar in the crease. This technique is used when there is a drooping of the breasts, also known as ptosis. This technique allows even distribution of the tissues as well as giving additional support to the mammary gland itself.

If needed, both techniques can be performed at the same time at Nashielli in order to increase volume with an implant or change size.   It is very important to discuss your expectations and bring all questions to your consultation. Our doctors, best in Mexico, are waiting for you.

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Dr. Nashielli Torres Espinosa, MD

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