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Breast Reduction

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It is performed in patients with excessive breast volume having backaches, shoulder grooves because of the use of the bra and the great weight of the breasts, skin irritations under the breast, and to improve their aesthetic appearance.

It is desirable that the patients present their expectations in an honest and straightforward manner, to show the alternatives available to their problem, with the risks and limitations of each one. It is desirable if you are a smoker or are taking medication such as aspirin or vitamin E stop them for at least three weeks before surgery.

The purpose of surgery is the reduction and remodeling of the breasts. The procedure involves to eliminate the sagging skin, excessive mammary gland and fat; to relocate the areola in the correct location; and then to reshape the breast, by using small incisions in order to reduce resultant scars.
These interventions last about three hours, so it is usual stay a day at the clinic. However, simplification and progressive techniques applied quickly make patient sometimes return home the same day. The stitches are removed after 15 days, after that time the patient can return to normal activity without discomfort.

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