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Breast Reduction

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The breasts and gluteus are the elements of greater femininity and sex appeal in all cultures. Following are some interesting questions posed by patients before surgery, and it will guide you to know the details of the cosmetic procedures we can perform.

We share here the most common questions from our patients and their partners during the consultation.

What is the breast increase or reduction?
It’s explicit in the name of these procedures. Augmentation refers to the placement of breast prosthesis, which are currently the only proven, safe and of excellent results method, the technical name is mammoplasty augmentation.


In the case of reduction, solves the problem of large and heavy breasts, relieving not only the psychological and esthetic spheres, but also the weight, discomfort, and dermatitis due to excess flaccidity. The technical name is reductive mammoplasty.

What other surgeries can be performed?
In the breasts four types of procedures are performed: augmentation, reduction, lifting or mastopexy (with or without implants); breast reconstruction after breast cancer. Also reduction of the areola and nipple, elements which congenitally or after pregnancy can achieve disproportionate and abnormal sizes.

Can you perform a breast augmentation before having children?
According to statistics, over 70% of such surgeries are done by women without children. It is proven that it does not affect the breasts, or lactation; nor the sensitivity.

Can you breastfeed after implants?
Perfectly. The implants are under the mammary gland and there is very little possibility of problems breastfeeding your baby.

What is the most effective procedure after giving birth?
After breastfeeding, the breasts undergo modifications due to the hormonal changes and the weight of the woman. Also, there is no atrophy or impaired mammary gland, becoming flaccid and sagging. Many times it may be necessary a breast lifting or pexia with or without implants; in the case of large breasts, a reduction and lifting or pexia.

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