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Breast Reduction

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Is your breast size not proportionate with your body? Does this interfere with your daily activities with physical issues such as neck and back pains, shortness of breath or causing any deformity in your spine?

Breast reduction surgery may be the most appropriate surgical procedure to leave all these issues behind and recover a healthy lifestyle that will let you do your daily activities without any limitation.

Throughout history, the bust has been a symbol of beauty and fertility. But the bust is one of the parts of the body that suffers more change than others for many reasons including hormonal factors, genetics, changes in body weight and as the results of pregnancy and breast feeding.

For the reasons mentioned above, some patients tend to grow disproportionately resulting sometimes in physical and/or emotional discomfort. The most common physical problems are back pain, neck pain and poor posture. This surgery is designed to reduce the size of the bust by removing breast tissue and fat, ultimately reducing the volume to create a more comfortable and pleasing appearance.

As with all surgeries, it is most important to be clear about what you want your end result to be, including shape and size.

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