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The majority of women who underwent a mastectomy have a surgical indication for breast reconstruction. Some women seek to feel fuller, more feminine or want to avoid the discomfort associated with the daily use of external breast prosthesis.

Currently, there are different surgical procedures available, where the final decision will depend on the personalized clinical history mainly carried out by our medical team and the patient. The method will depend on several factors such as: general health and lifestyle, body configuration, breast size, amount of skin and remaining tissues after mastectomy, as well as association with other procedures such as complementary cancer treatments such as radiotherapy, and finally it depends on the personal choice of the patient.

Breast reconstruction with its own tissue:

It consists in removing the skin, fat, and part of the rectus abdominis muscle, which are located in the abdominal area below the navel, and placed in the thorax to rebuild the breasts.

Some women are considered with a greater complications risk to this reconstruction technique, those are: obese, chronic smokers, women with abdominal wallscars, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart disease.

The advantages of this technique are the non-alteration of the oncological prognosis and the oncological surgery; it does not interfere in radiotherapy and polychemotherapy. It is more resistant to radiotherapy. It does not delay the diagnosis of a relapse. It is not rejected because it is woven from its own body and is versatile; aesthetic superiority and lasting results. It allows bipolar treatment (breast reconstruction plus tummy tuck). It also allows a skin replacement if there are sequels by radiotherapy.

Reconstruction with breast implants:

It is one of the simplest methods of reconstruction that involves a breast implant placement, provided after the mastectomy, covering tissues in adequate quantity and quality. Generally, this method is applied in thin patients, with opposite breast of small size, without ptosis, since it will allow symmetrizing. It is also appropriate for patients with moderately ptosis or hyperplastic opposites, as long as they agree to modify the opposite breast.

Reconstruction with expanders plus breast implants:

Many times, when mastectomy is performed, the pectoral tissues remain flat and tense. This is because there are no tissues available to directly place an implant or breast prosthesis. It is necessary prior to the placement of a definitive implant, to stretch all tissues and to create enough space to place the breast prosthesis. This stretching process is called SPHERICAL TISSUE EXPANSION (adjustable implants that are gradually filled with saline). During this process, the skin stretches and grows gradually in the same way that the abdomen grows during pregnancy. Once the optimal volume and shape have been reached, the expander is replaced by a definitive breast implant, usually after 4-6 months, but it can vary for each patient.

Reconstruction combined with own tissue plus breast implant:

This procedure consists in removing a section of the skin and the back muscle that would be taken to the chest area to reconstruct the breast, along with a breast implant. The reason for including a breast prosthesis is that the skin and muscle are thin. With this procedure we achieve the breast reconstruction with a more natural shape.

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