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Butt Lift

3 letters, 1 word: BBL

It is easy to say bbl aka Brazilian Butt Lift but was dream to have it for many years. Now it is not! Bestify Group will help you have your dream body. Bestify yourself with BBL operation in this year. 

Having rounder and bigger buttocks getting popular from 90’s till 2000’ s. Thanks to Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, we get use to see rounder and bigger butts. You can have your desired bum with the help of Bestify Group’s talented doctors. 

Who can have BBL surgery?

Everybody has different physical appearances. All the genetic factors, excessive weight loss, even the aging can affect the view of the buttocks. People who complains about the decrease in the attractiveness or plumpness of the buttocks can have this surgery. This is the procedure, not only to have the augmented bum, but also to have the more defined buttocks and hips. People who are uncomfortable about the orange peel skin can also prefer this surgery to get rid of this unwanted view. Cellulites on that area will be also eliminated by that procedure. 

If you feel that your buttocks are flat or don’t match the contours of the rest of your body, or if your skin in that area is excessively loose, flabby or flat and exercise or dieting have been unable to correct the problem, you are likely a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift.

What is BBL?

Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure that enlarges or bestifies the shape of the buttock by your own fats to obtain more voluminous appearance. This procedure is completely natural and safe with the experienced doctors since your own fats will be used to create more defined and better body. It is two steps process that begins with liposuction. 

1) Liposuction is the first step for the Brazilian butt lift surgery. The excessive fat from designated areas will be removed. During this stage, it is aimed to have thinner waist and flatter abdomen to obtain the hourglass shaped body. For the fat removal procedure, surgeons carefully sculpt the body to create a slimming effect in areas that need less fat. In the light of this goal, fats are extracted from the body and stored with the help of special thin liposuction cannulas.

2) Fat transferring (grafting): After the removal of the fats from unwanted areas, now it is time to transfer them to the desired areas like hips or buttocks. Creating symmetry is the key for this step. It is important to harvest enough and balanced fat to the each sides to achieve the best result. 

In conclusion, with this procedure, patient will obtain body contouring with augmented buttocks. 

Why to proceed with Bestify Group?

Bestify Group’s professional doctors are very talented and experienced. Deciding the where fat removal will be performed is very important since it affects the overall result. Those areas will be determined with the patient and the surgeon during the physical consultation. It is important to understand the patient needs and requests to obtain a desired result. Our professional surgeons will be happy to listen and assist you to create your dream body. Contact us now and get your free treatment plan!




2- 3 hours


5 nights in the hotel, 1 night in the hospital


Needs at least 7 to 10 days to get back to daily life


No scars


Lifetime results will be seen after 2 months


After 3 weeks

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