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Butt Augmentation

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When speaking of interventions in the gluteus there are details of great interest which must be known to obtain the best results and avoid unwanted situations.

Certain types of cosmetic defects in the gluteus, like the absence or reduction of the projection, shape, contour and volume are the main indications for gluteoplasty increased by lipoinyección or by placement of silicone implants in the gluteus.

Today, with the changes in the fashion preferences and society’s esthetic norms, the interest in buttock contouring surgery by patients and plastic surgeons has increased.

The greatest desire of the patients, besides improving the contour and volume of their gluteus is to have safer procedures, which undoubtedly has been enhanced by the refinement of techniques in liposuction, management of fat grafting, as well as by lipoinyección.

It is critical that patients know that there are only two methods of buttock augmentation: lipoinjection which is the fat grafting of the same patient. And the increase in the gluteus by silicone implants. Any other substance, method or mechanism has not resulted in being safe and there are no studies showing satisfactory results.

The fat is obtained by liposuction of fat deposits from different regions, such as the abdomen or the back, achieving a flat stomach by liposuction and then use that same fat to embellish the gluteus. Of course, in very thin patients without fat deposits of adequate volume, the lipoinyección technique is not recommended, rather the buttock implants.

What is the medical term for butt augmentation in?

Gluteoplasty, is the term used to refer to cosmetic procedures in the gluteus.

Who is a candidate for such an increase?

Almost anyone of legal age. What is important are the expectations of each patient, since the results are not the same in everyone. Some people bring a picture from a magazine of how they would like them, which not always can be reproduced, since each body has its own characteristics. What we do is ensure our patients that we will do everything necessary within the safety protocols for their gluteus to be as beautiful possible.


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