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Butt Augmentation

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It’s a procedure that corrects a poorly developed gluteal region

. Two procedures can be done. The first one is performing a liposcution and injecting the fatty tissue removed, into the gluteal region, achieving a natural and long lasting result since the fat gets integrated into the muscle like a graft, with no rejection effects since it is the patient’s own tissue. The second method is by using gluteal implants, composed of cohesive silicon gel (the same as in mammary implants).

When the augmentation is done using the patients fatty tissue, scars are no longer than 0.5 cms and are well hidden by any underwear. When implants are used, a single incision is done in the crease created by both buttocks so that it also is well hidden by underwear.

Gluteal implants surgery lasts between 2 and 3 hours, it is done under regional anesthesia and recovery time is 14 days approximately. In liposuction with fat injection, surgery time varies depending on the extent of liposuction, regional anesthesia is used and recovery time is 10 days.

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