Buttocks Augmentation and Contouring (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, DO

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Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Service Description

Involves the removal of fat deposits placed between muscle and skin with a cannula and a suction pump, through incisions of less than 1 centimeter in areas around the buttocks, to provide contouring, and the transference by injection of the fat to the buttocks for definition and volume.

  • Pre op

    asting blood test, electrocardiogram, chest plate and physical evaluation by internist

  • Anesthesia

    sedation and epidural (will not feel discomfort)

  • Length of surgery

    1 ½ hours

  • Hospitalization

    7:00 AM day of surgery

  • Out

    next morning

  • Will use
    • compression garment for 6 weeks (during day)
  • Follow up
    • I. visit 48 hours after surgery
    • II. a week after
    • III. 14 days after

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Dr. Adolfo Sesto


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