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It provides information about the anatomy and function of the heart,
heart valves and the large vessels that enter and leave the heart.

The Coronary angiography is the part of catheterization whose objective is to put in evidence the state of the coronary arteries.
These arteries can be seenaffected by diseases (usually atherosclerosis), which decreases their caliber causing narrowing (stenosis) that make it difficult for the blood to the heart muscle and that can cause angina and,in its maximum degree when the artery becomes obstructed, acute infarction and even death.

Therefore, by means of coronary angiography, it allows us to detect in a timely manner and repair this type of alterations, through the implantation of special devices called STENTs, avoiding any catastrophic complication.

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Dr. Orlando Cimé / Dr. Vladimir Ruiz Cardiology & Catheterization

Dr. Orlando Cimé / Dr. Vladimir Ruiz Cardiology & Catheterization

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