Ceramic crown on implant [Crowns (caps) ]

Guatemala City, Guatemala

$850.00 USD

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Guatemala City

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$850.00 USD

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The custom crown is cemented or screwed onto the implant abutment to permanently keep it in place.

Once a dental implant is placed and healing occurs what  usually takes approximately three months it can then be restored. After the surgical uncovering, an impression is taken of the exposed head of the implant. This impression is sent to a lab where a custom abutment (that part which screws into the head of the implant and fits under the crown) and implant crown are fabricated.


Natural teeth and dental implants may look the same, feel the same, and even function in a similar way, but they are very different. The most important differences are in the way they attach to the surrounding bone, their response to dental disease, their maintenance, and repair.

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