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Define Your Chin to Restore Facial Harmony
Chin Surgery Mexico

The chin can play a significant role in the overall balance and harmony of the face. If its size, shape, or position is off, it can have a minimizing or maximizing effect on the other facial features. Chin augmentation, or mentoplasty, adds definition to the chin and promotes a balanced, harmonious facial profile. An implant can be placed to correct a receding chin, or the bone can be reshaped if it juts out prominently. For more information about chin surgery at the fully accredited Cancun, Mexico surgical facility of Perfection Makeover and Laser Center, please contact a patient coordinator at GloboMD today.

Chin Implants

Chin implants safely and effectively enhance a weak chin. Made from synthetic materials, implants come in many shapes and sizes. They are customized to meet the patient’s desired facial dimensions. If our plastic surgeon recommends using chin implants to improve the appearance of your chin, during the surgery he or she will make a small incision and create a pocket to accommodate the implant, right above the bone along the lower jaw. The location of the incision will vary by patient – it could be either in the natural crease line underneath the chin, or inside the mouth where the gum and lower lip meet. In certain cases, the implant is affixed directly to the soft tissue or bone. The incision is then closed with soft sutures. After the patient has recovered, and the swelling from the surgery has gone down, he or she will notice how the implant creates greater definition and enhances the overall facial profile.

Other cases of a receding chin may require a mandibular advancement surgery, in which the actual jaw bone is moved forward. This surgery is more invasive, as it repositions the facial bones; thus, it is not for everyone. Your best option is to speak to a surgeon at our Cancun, Mexico practice to determine what type of chin surgery is right for you.

Chin Implants

Others experience the opposite problem as a receding chin – a chin that juts out from the face. Chin reduction surgery improves the size and proportion of a prominent chin to the rest of the face. During a chin reduction, performed under general anesthesia for the patient’s benefit, the surgeon makes an incision in the mouth or underneath the chin, and gently sculpts the bone. The result is a more pleasing proportion and greater facial harmony.

After chin implant placement or chin reduction surgery, patients are usually required to wear a dressing over the chin for several days. During the immediate recovery from the surgery, the chin and jaw may be tender, so it’s a good idea to follow a liquid or soft foods diet. An over-the-counter pain medication can help with any discomfort, and your surgeon will check your progress and remove your sutures to make sure you are healing properly.

Benefits of Chin Augmentation

Some of the benefits to chin augmentation include:

  • Customizable to meet your needs

  • Strengthens the jaw line

  • Widens the chin

  • Improves the facial profile

  • Lengthens the face slightly

  • Durable and safe implants that come in various sizes, shapes, and materials

  • Swift recovery

  • Airport Pick Up

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