Cryo-storage of embryos [Medical]

Guatemala City, Guatemala

$6,500.00 USD

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Guatemala City



$6,500.00 USD

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Cryo-storage of embryos and fertility treatment


The price includes:

Medical fees, anesthesiologist, anesthesia, surgery room, egg retrieval, in vitro fertilization, all medicines, embryo transfer, ultrasound, all queries before and after treatment and a year of cryo-preservation.

Additional costs:

To keep the embryos for more than one year, the cost from the second year is $ 400. If embryos are used for a second round of in vitro fertilization, the cost of second attempt is US $ 2,700. If there is low sperm count can include ICSI is an additional cost of $ 600. If the husband had a vasectomy can make a TESE (testicular sperm aspiration biopsy) for an additional cost of US $ 1,100.


1) If the cryo-storage is done as part of a comprehensive treatment of in vitro fertilization, the embryos may be used for a second round, a month after the first cycle. 2) If you live in Central or South of Mexico, the residence time can be reduced to 11 days. We can send the drugs to their country with the treatment plan so that you know how to administer them. 3) If the husband of the patient can not stand the entire stay, only 3 days were enough to match the date of egg retrieval. 4) We have funding for patients living in the United States.

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