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Do you feel uncomfortable while smiling? Do you want to laugh just like Hollywood stars? If your answers are yes, you are in the right place to achieve this. Bestify Group will assist you during your medical journey.

Dental crowns are the most popular solution for those with weakened teeth, large cavity that hard to perform filling and so on. They are custom made where designed to cover teeth of teeth. It can be think like a cap that will be located on the top of your teeth. The reason why patients choose this method is to improve the appearance and make them stronger to last more years. Do no hesitate to contact us about your personalized treatment plan.

To prepare the teeth, dentist will remove the outer portion of the teeth. This step will create a room for the crown where helps dentist to make a mold of the teeth. At this stage you will be able to decide the whiteness and length, together with your dentist. Any decay on teeth will be removed as well. Mold will be sent to lab for the custom-make preparation. This lab session will take around 5 to 6 days. During this period, temporary veneers will be provided by your dentist. On the next session (after around 6 days), the final adjustment on real crowns will be done and fixed. It will be bonded to your own teeth. 

If you don’t know which type of dental treatment will be the best for your, then you can click on free consultation and get your personalized treatment plan for free! The treatment plans will be prepared by our experienced partner dentists. After having the online consultation, we will be able to comment on your case more and tell you a bit more about your needs to bestify yourself… Be ready for Hollywood smiles!




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