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$760.00 USD

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Dentures made out of Full Acrylic.

Improve your dental beauty with our dentures.

One trip to Cancun treatment**

Removable denture, commonly known as "false teeth" formed by artificial teeth that replace one, several or sometimes all teeth, when for various reasons, these have been lost, in Dental Evolution in Cancun, our specialized dentists offer this option in order to give a better quality of life to our patients, that also, among the options of dental prosthesis, is the most accessible and with a lower cost.

"Dentures" are made of acrylic resins of the gum color and function perfectly as natural teeth, removable dentures may be partial or complete, according to the number of teeth to replace.

Loose or poorly fitting dentures can cause that many patients with removable dentures avoid some social activities as a result of the discomfort that cause them not knowing how to use them correctly, in Dental Evolution Cancun, we have a proposal that fits the needs of each of our patients, we provide you with all the information necessary to make the experience of using "false teeth" something easy to manage and effective for you.

In Dental Evolution Cancun, our most important recommendation will always be a proper oral hygiene, since some foods could get caught under the denture, a meticulous cleaning will depend on avoiding mouth odors. Another important recommendation is the regular dentist visit, since it is priority to monitor the health of gums and the status of bone density of your jaws.

In case that a removable denture would have placed the same day that the removal of the teeth has been, it must be considered that with healing the gums begin to change, so it will be necessary, after 6 or 8 weeks to go with your specialized dentist for the corresponding adaptation.

Adaptation to the dentures in general involves some discomfort at first, in Dental Evolution Cancun our specialized dentists advise for the first few days eating soft food and avoid sticky consistency foods, you must always brush gum after eating to prevent waste trapped, dentures adhere better if the mouth is completely clean, you should not sleep with your removable denture, we recommend after washing properly, put into clean glass of water, in which can be added effervescent tablet, sold in pharmacies, where you can also buy stickers that will help keep your prosthesis in place, in case that while using it you feel it moves, which can be very annoying.

In Dental Evolution Cancun let us offer you alternatives, approach us, DENTAL implants could be for you, if you are already using a denture, this could be adapted to make it more comfortable, functional and modern, visit us and gladly our highly trained Specialist will present you with this procedure.

If you are currently using a conventional prosthesis and feel very comfortable with it and don't want to get new ones, then we can tailor your current prothesis to drop some housing O-rings to fit into your new dental implants and your new Snap On denture will be ready in just a week or even less!


Dentures come into two different price range;

$760 USD normal denture. (Week or less).


$1,056 USD for denture over implants. (Week or less).

Transportation to and from your hotel (Cancun Only) and every visit to our Specialty Clinic.**

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