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For patients that find themselves in the position on being unable to use their own gametes (eggs or sperm), we are able to offer them the opportunity to have a child by using egg or sperm donors.

*Donor Egg Candidates are women that have gone through menopause or are undergoing menopause prematurely, have been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, have failed multiple IVF cycle because of poor egg quality, have had surgical removal of the ovaries, or have had cancer treatment which have affected ovarian function.

*Donor Sperm Candidates are couples whose partner has very low sperm counts, has physical conditions that prevents obtaining sperm by surgical methods or for single women or same-sex couples.

We understand that this creates tremendous stress for patients, and the process to get to the point of deciding to choose this path requires professional guidance along the way. We have excellent psychological resources for patients/couples when moving forward with 3rd party reproduction and Dr. Rodriguez and his staff are available to offer help and support through each step.

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