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Duodenal Switch

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The ”switch,” or duodenal switch procedure, is a weight loss operation that combines qualities of both the sleeve gastrectomy and the gastric bypass. The operation is performed in two steps. First, we conduct a sleeve gastrectomy, removing around 80 percent of the stomach and converting the remainder into a slender tube.

We then divide the small bowel that normally connects to the stomach (called the duodenum) to create the bypass. Consumed food would normally go from the sleeve into the initial part of the small intestine, but it is re-routed or ”switched” to the lower part of the small intestine. There are several ways to go about the bypass part of the operation.

Of the four operations we offer, this is the most drastic. As a result, it creates the most weight loss and offers the greatest chance of eliminating diabetes.

Why duodenal switch weight loss surgery helps people lose weight?

This operation works by decreasing caloric intake, reducing absorption and changing the hormonal balance in the GI tract. Similar to the bypass and sleeve, this metabolic surgery will lead to a decrease in ghrelin (the hunger hormone), an increase in insulin sensitivity (possibly via the hormones Pyy and GLp-1) and a decrease in the body’s desire to store extra energy in the form of fat. This operation is also shown to change the types of bacteria that live in our GI tract (microbiome). 

Good bacteria will replace bad ones, which has been shown to help with weight loss and weight management.

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