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Eye Bags Treatment

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Remove the bags under the eyes by performing a blepharoplasty.

Over the years, stress, physical exhaustion and tiredness the face is losing its appearance and tonicity, especially in the area of ​​the eyes.

In the case of women, when they are without makeup it is that they notice the so-called "sachets" under the eyes and the sagging in the end zone of it. At that moment it is necessary to have the help of a specialist, who will perform a blepharoplasty , this will give your face a rejuvenated look and will make the person feel better about himself, and the best of all, is that already It will not be necessary to use the makeup to hide or hide the fat bags.

The doubt that most patients have, after performing a blepharoplasty , is how their face will look and what will happen with the scars. But these will not be noticed, since the incisions are very small.

The first step before performing the blepharoplasty  is that the physician should perform a thorough evaluation and check if the patient has eye problems, eye diseases, retinal detachment and above all verify the patient's history regarding hypertension, diabetes and allergies .

¿ At what age is appropriate to perform blepharoplasty ?

This can vary and will depend on the condition of the person, since it has been seen how youngsters of only 20 years, have performed this surgery. However, in the case of children with Asian eyes, the procedure can be performed to correct the appearance of the eyes.

Being this an operation that does not require general anesthesia, it makes it simple and with few possibilities of complications. There are very few cases in which general anesthesia is required, except in those cases in which the surgery is combined with others.

Complications of blepharoplasty

- Bruising that disappears 3 days after surgery.

- Dry eyes.

- Wound dehiscence

- Infection that if treated in time disappears after the treatment.

- Fall of the upper eyelid

It should be taken into account that most complications occur within hours of surgery, and are usually minor and transient. However, there may be complications that compromise vision, which in most cases occur as a result of surgical trauma.


The success of the surgery will depend on the patient and the care he has during recovery. The healing process will depend on the type of skin and each patient.

It is advisable to rest for at least 24 hours, and then start walking slowly. Other indications during this stage is that contact with the kitchen, television, cellular, computer, should be avoided until recommended otherwise. Another of the things that must be taken into account is to avoid carrying out physical activities that require a lot of effort.

The application of cold chamomile on the eyelids the first 24 to 48 hours is excellent for rapid eyelid disinflammation.

We recommend removing the stitches from the surgery on the fifth day.

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