Eyelid Surgery

Guatemala City, Guatemala, GT

$1,300.00 USD

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Guatemala City

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Eyelid Surgery

$1,300.00 USD

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Eyelid surgery is a really easy and fast surgical procedure, in which the surgeon gets rid of the bags under the eyes and/or the excess skin in the upper eyelids. It is amazing how the person's look freshens up with such a small change!

As years go by, signs that indicate aging and bags that make a person look more tired appear under the eyes and eyelids. These bags are pockets of fat and excess of lower eyelid skin. This can be noticed even at early ages. Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty removes the bags and the extra skin of the eyelids to get back the appearance of freshness and youth.

This surgery is extremely fast, and the recovery is faster! It takes about half and hour to an hour, done under local anesthesia. The results are amazing, giving the person a very fresh look.


*The prices are an average. The estimated price includes:

- Medical Fees
- Anesthetics
- Nurses and assistants
- Post-operative care
- Operating Room

These are the estimated prices:

·     Upper eyelids $ 1,300

·     Lower eyelids $ 1,300

·     4 eyelids $2,000.00

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