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Indications for eyelid surgery include drooping, hooded upper lids and puffy bags and/or extra skin below the eyes. Eyelid surgery can correct these conditions, but it does not eliminate crow's feet, raise the eyebrows or completely remove dark circles under the eyes. Neither does it eliminate evidence of ethnic or racial heritage, although the surgeon can add the upper-eyelid crease that some Asian patients request. Eyelid surgery can be performed alone or in combination with other procedures such as a face or brow lift.

Eyelid surgery consists of removing excess fat, skin and muscle from above and/or below the eyes. The surgery may be performed in an outpatient setting on patients under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthetic. Very occasionally, brief hospitalization may be required. The duration of the procedure is one to three hours, depending on whether all four lids are done.

Tightness of the lids is a normal side-effect after eyelid surgery, and some discomfort is likely. The patient will experience bruising and swelling, particularly at the corners of the lids, that may persist for two to three weeks. Dryness, itching and burning may last about as long, and the patient may have temporary eyesight problems, such as double or blurred vision. Excessive tearing and sensitivity to light and wind are common, but should disappear within a few weeks. Tiny whiteheads, called milia, may appear, but they are easily removed, and often disappear on their own.

As with any invasive procedure, there is always the risk of infection. Occasionally the tightness of the lids will prevent the patient from closing his/her eyes completely, but this problem nearly always resolves with time. Ectropion (a pulling-down and turning outward of the lower lids) is a rare complication that could require further surgery to correct.

After eyelid surgery, the patient must refrain from wearing contact lenses for at least two weeks. Eyedrops may be necessary to lubricate dry eyes. The patient can resume reading and watching television in two to three days, go back to work after a week or 10 days and resume strenuous activities another week after that.

The effects of eyelid surgery will last for several years, and in some people, they are permanent.

If upper-lid surgery is done to improve vision, the procedure may be covered by insurance, so it is important to maintain excellent documentation. Insurance carriers require preauthorization, preoperative assessment of visual fields, photo documentation, and occasionally, other testing by an ophthalmologist.

A patient with visual problems­such as glaucoma or a detached retina­should have an ophthalmologic assessment before considering eyelid surgery. Thyroid imbalances, Graves' disease, hypertension, cardiovascular disease or dry eye are associated with greater risk of complications after eyelid surgery.

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