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A rhytidectomy or facelift is surgery that aims to reposition facial structures, restore volume and remove the excess skin that appear with aging by smoothing the effects of time on the skin

How old can rejuvenate with a facelift?
The goal of surgery is to give the patient the face of a natural, healthy and rested appearance and with no stigmata of surgery as a fully stretched skin.

What is the difference between lifting and minilifting?
The face can be divided into three thirds. In the upper third of the region have the forehead, eyebrows and eyes. Found in the middle third cheeks or cheekbones and in the lower third, the region of the jaw and neck. When the patient has sagging in the three thirds of the full face lift is indicated. When only two-thirds or one third has sagging indication is a minilifting. The biggest difference between the two surgeries is the extent of scarring.

 With surgery, all the wrinkles will disappear?
The main goal of surgery is to improve facial sagging and not eliminate wrinkles, but the improvement ends up happening. Dynamic wrinkles (caused by mime) and deep grooves will require additional treatments such as fillers and peels.

Where are the scars located?
The scars are placed in areas where they can be camouflaged. Generally hide the scalp at the top of the head (temples). Pass from the front and behind the ear and may reenter the scalp (neck). The extent of these scars will depend on the areas that will be treated and the degree of this sagging skin.

What type of anesthesia?
The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation, or general anesthesia.

How is the surgery performed?
The skin is detached from the muscles to previously delineated boundaries and points are made ​​in the muscles suspending and treating muscle flaccidity. The skin is repositioned again and the excess is removed, making slight traction higher. Sometimes it takes a scar under the chin to fix the muscles of the neck, where large sagging. In cases of accumulation of fat in the jowl area, we can also perform liposuction in this region.

There is pain in the postoperative period?
Usually not. Simple analgesics are prescribed for comfort postoperatively.

How is the post-operative? The face is very swollen?
Postoperative period is usually quiet. Edema (swelling) occurs higher in the first 3-4 days and is decreasing. The areas of ecchymosis (purplish) will also disappear over 10-15 days.

How long is the hospital stay?
About 24 hours.

How long is the surgery?
The duration of the procedure is on average 4-5 hours.

What are the most common complications?

Serious complications are rare, but as with any surgery, bruising, infection (more common in smokers) necrosis of tissue and nerve injuries of the face may occur.

There will be curative or drain?

patient use dressing ("helmet") for 24 hours, and the drain left in the posterior region of the ear is removed after 24 hours without causing pain.

When the stitches are removed?

Most points is made with absorbable sutures, and the rest is removed after 10 to 15 days.

The eyelids can be operated in the same surgery?

Can do. Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) surgery is most commonly associated with lifting, because the complete process of rejuvenation of the face.


- Attend to the surgical site (hospital, clinic) on schedule; 
- Report any abnormalities that may occur to you, as to their general condition until the day before admission; 
- Avoid the use of drugs containing acetylsalicylic acid (ASA, aspirin, etc..) 15 days before surgery;
- Do not discontinue use of medications regular use without the knowledge of your doctor; 
- Do makeup on the day of admission; 
- Wash your hair the day before the surgery; 
- Bring sunglasses (in case of also perform eyelid surgery) and shirts with buttoned front (easier to wear even with the dressing); 
- Scarves and stoles can disguise the dressing and give a certain charm to those leaving the hospital as helmet use; /> 
- Attend accompanied (a) for admission


- Sleep with the head slightly elevated. Avoid staying long lying;
- Free food; 
- Avoid sun primarily while with purple spots, it can stain the skin; 
- Wash your hair only after removal of the dressings. Do not dye them or use hot dryer; 
- Go back to the office for review within the prescribed days; 
- Try these instructions, as often as necessary; 
- Sensations of tightness and callous areas on the face are common postoperatively.

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