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Face Lift

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Procedure designed to remove excess skin from the face and correct facial angles that may be altered by the effects of gravity and age.

Over the years, the loss of skin elasticity, exposure to the sun, the effect of gravity and the repetitive effect of some features of gesticulation, make the skin relax creating an excess of loose skin , accentuating the folds of facial expression and losing the angles of facial expression.

Rhytideplasty does not stop the process of facial aging, it only disguises it by removing excess skin, softening fine lines (wrinkles) by tightening the skin and musculature of the face and recreating the right angles in the face again .

The procedure can be done jointly with others such as eyelid surgery and eyebrow lift. Before deciding to practice this surgery, carefully think about the expectations you have and discuss them with us. Candidates for this surgery are men and women over 40 with excess skin, loss of muscle tone and / or facial angles, healthy, emotionally stable and with realistic expectations.


It lasts approximately 5 to 7 hours, local anesthesia and sedation, or general anesthesia and one-day hospitalization. In the surgery, incisions are made at the level of the edge of hair implantation and surrounding the auricular pavilion where the scars are concealed; In women, adequate make-up or long hair will make the scars practically imperceptible. Through these incisions the skin of the cheek and neck is released to be able to tension it. It also allows the exposure of the muscles to also reduce their laxity which allows softening wrinkles and improve the angles of facial expression making your face look younger and fresher.

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