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Facial plastic surgery has been performed for decades, and today men as well as women seek rejuvenation with a facelift. New York residents are known for taking pride in their looks and vitality, so perhaps that's no surprise.

Our Facelift Philosophy
Dr. Jacobs' goal with each patient is to provide education and expert advice about facial rejuvenation options that can yield meaningful results while being good fits for your lifestyle and budget. The starting point for what we hope will be a lasting relationship is an open, honest dialog in our consultation room in New York. When facelift surgery is the right choice for you, the objective will be natural looking results that can turn back the clock several years.

In practice for three decades in Manhattan, plastic surgeon Dr. Jacobs enjoys blending the best of new approaches and products with the tried and true. His experience and dedication to staying current in his field pay off for his patients. T

Face Lift Overview
To perform your facelift, Dr. Jacobs will make careful incisions hidden around your ears and in your hairline. He will then separate layers of tissue so he can elevate the muscles underneath your skin. This is an important step, as this new, firmer foundation provides the structure for re-draping your skin to look smoother and younger. He will secure all the layers in their new location, trimming away redundant skin. Incision sites are closed with fine sutures.

A traditional facelift can turn back the clock several years, helping smooth wrinkles around the nose and mouth, lifting sunken cheeks and helping banish a jowly look. For many of Dr. Jacobs' patients in New York, face lift surgery goes hand in hand with measures to refresh surface skin. It's also very common to add a neck lift, eyelid tuck and/or brow lift to address aging across the entire face.

Most often we perform facial plastic surgery in our fully accredited surgery suite. Our patients usually require just intravenous sedation, also known as twilight sedation, instead of general anesthesia. You can expect to be fully but lightly asleep and awaken easily, without an anesthesia "hangover."

Depending on the combination of facial procedures you and Dr. Jacobs decide upon, you will be feeling ready for light activity in just a few days. Swelling and bruising may take a bit longer to resolve, so you may want to plan about two weeks away from work. We will help you understand exactly what to expect during your recovery process and how to prepare for a great experience.

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