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As we age, the effects of gravity, sun exposure and stress of daily life are seen in our faces.

Deep furrows between the nose and mouth are formed; cheeks fall; fat and wrinkles appear around the neck. A facelift cannot stop this process; however, what it can do is stop the clock, improving the most visible signs of aging, tensing the muscles of the face, removing excess fat and redistributing the skin of the face and neck. The facelift can be done alone or associated with other procedures such as blepharoplasty or rhinoplasty. The forehead lift corrects drooping eyebrows and forehead wrinkles and eyebrows.


The ideal candidates to undergo a facelift are those women or men whose face and neck begin to "fall", but whose skin still has some elasticity. Most patients are between 40 and 60, but can also be successfully performed between 70 and 80 years. A facelift can make you look younger and to increase self-confidence, but will not provide a completely different look, nor can restore your health and vitality.

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