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Gastric Bypass

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The gastric bypass procedure is considered to be the gold standard in weight loss surgery. First performed in 1968, the operation has evolved, but has stood the test of time.

This weight loss surgery is done in two parts. The first part involves creating a very small new stomach (about an ounce) called the “pouch.” The pouch is the only part of your stomach that will ever “see” food again.
The second part of the procedure is the bypass. This is done by re-routing the intestines to carry food away from the pouch. A second connection is made to allow the digestive juices coming from the remaining stomach, liver and pancreas to meet with the food downstream.

The gastric bypass surgery procedure works by several different mechanisms. This is metabolic surgery that actually changes the way your metabolism works! The neurochemical pathways and hormones are altered in a favorable way that helps you lose weight rapidly, gives you better control of your blood sugars and decreases inflammation! The small pouch also forces you to eat less. You will feel full after eating only a few bites of food!

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