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Gastric Sleeve Plication is a new procedure that is being investigated, therefore, it’s not being widely practiced. This procedure is incredibly simple and works to make the patient feel fuller faster, thus inducing weight loss.

How Gastric Plication Surgery Works?

Gastric Sleeve Plication is a weight loss surgery procedure that is similar to vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

Sleeve plication works as a restrictive procedure by reducing the stomach’s capacity to lose weight. Sleeve Plication works by folding the stomach into itself twice and sutured. A calibration tube inserted in the stomach through the mouth is used to create a sleeve shape. The stomach capacity is reduced by up to 90%. The advantage is that since there is no cutting or stapling (as seen in gastric sleeve surgery), the procedure is less invasive and can be reversed. Use of non-absorbable sutures shortens the surgery and recovery time.

Sometimes gastric plication surgery is used by bariatric surgeons as a stepping stone to other powerful surgeries. If a patient is significantly overweight, a surgeon may suggest a less invasive procedure, like the gastric plication, to help the patient lose weight safely for a more invasive procedure.


  • No Stomach Cutting
  • No Stapling
  • Ability to consume normal dietary habits
  • No Digestive Track Changes
  • Has been found to have less complications than other surgeries
  • No malabsorption issues (seen with changes to the digestive track)

Provides 60% Excess Weight Loss, on average, in the first year.

Risks of Gastric Sleeve Plication

There are main risks with this procedure, including risks of laparoscopic surgery itself: death, infection, blood clots, anesthesia risks and more. Risks specifically identified with the procedure are stomach leakage from the fold, and stomach expanding which can cause damage to the sutures.

Side effects of gastric plication surgery can include insufficient weight loss. Sometimes patients fail to lose adequate weight with sleeve plication thus requiring a revision to other surgeries. Gastric Sleeve Plication Revision is when sleeve plication patients switch to another bariatric surgery to complete weight loss goals.

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