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The foot and ankle are a complicated network of nerves, blood vessels, bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Every step involves an intricate series of interactions between these tissues. Foot pain can be a clue to overall health. For example, joint stiffness can be caused by arthritis. Numbness and tingling can be caused by diabetes. Swelling might indicate kidney, heart, or venous disease.

It is important to take care of your feet, so they can take care of you. They are needed to complete your work and keep you walking to keep you healthy, help circulation, reduce weight, increase strength and bone content. To keep feet healthy it is important to examine them regularly, wear comfortable shoes that fit, wash feet daily with soap and lukewarm water, and trim toenails straight across and not too short. Good foot care and regular foot checks are an important part of health care.

First, to protect the skin and the nails: Excessive moisture and darkness can result in fungal infections. Keep your shoes dry by not wearing the same pair two days in a row or use shoe trees. Use powder or antiperspirant to absorb moisture. Wear leather to let your feet breath. Do not sleep in socks. Dry well between toes to prevent interdigital moisture. Avoid going barefoot to avoid penetration by a foreign body.

Secondly, to help the musculoskeletal system: Wear a good supportive shoe when weight bearing. The shoe should have a good firm heel-counter and be replaced at one year or every 600 miles to maintain support and shock absorption. Shoes are designed for different foot types, high or low arch. See a Podiatrist if you are not sure of your foot type. They can also review exercises to improve foot function. Purchase shoes later in the day, when your foot is at the fullest to get a good fit.

If you have foot problems, be sure to call and make an appointment.

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