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Vaginal Rejuvenation

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Each day this type of surgery counts with a greater acceptance and diffusion for its excellent results, and an increasing number of women are requesting it to improve their intimate sensation and improve the appearance of their external genitals. Many women who request this surgery consider that reducing the size or shape of their vagina or external genitalia allow both themselves and their partners to achieve a better sexual satisfaction.

Most commonly requested procedures are lip reduction (vulvoplasty or labiaplasty) and operations to reduce the vaginal canal (vaginoplasty). Other procedures include the liposuction of the Venus Mount, reinjection of fat in the major labia to rejuvenate them and give a younger appearance in these areas.

The labial reduction is a technique designed to reduce the size and degree of protuberance of the labia minor (internal) of the vagina. The most common reason for women to request this operation is because the lips are too large and unattractive. Some women indicate that the increased size of their lips makes them more evident with tight clothes or feel discomfort doing sports such as cycling. A considerable number of women also manifest having difficulty in their sexual relations.

The procedure is relatively simple and consists in suppressing the lip area by means of a simple excision thereof.

Vaginal adjustment operations are requested by some women who feel that their vagina has become too wide after childbirth or with age, resulting in little satisfaction in the sexual act of both themselves and their partner. The procedure is performed by placing sutures in the introitus along with the resection of the excess vaginal mucosa and the adjustment of the muscles of the posterior vaginal wall.

The liposculpture of the Venus Mount can be an isolated procedure or to be performed in conjunction with the liposculpture of the abdomen or thighs. Improving its definition enhances the appearance of the Venus Mount. The fat infiltrations taken from the Venus Mount fill the structure of the labia major, giving them a younger appearance.

As with many aspects of human anatomy, there is a wide variety of shapes, sizes and aspects of the female genital organs, which is within the limits of normal. Before taking a decision to proceed with any surgery, it is important to determine if there is really a genital problem or if there is another non-surgical solution.

Estimated surgery time: 2 to 3 hours.

Estimated recovery time: 8 to 10 days if initial recovery.

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