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Butt Augmentation

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Gluteal regions often do not have the volume required for an optimal body shape, gluteoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to overcome this drawback , it can be made ​​by combining liposuction from top and bottom of the back with fat grafting in specific areas of the buttocks to get rid of deformities and incresing buttocks volume.

Another way to improve the contour of your buttocks is through the silicone implants, they are placed under the muscles and fascia of the region, the incisions for these procedures are not very visible, so that the scars are generally imperceptible, this should not be confused with Bioplasty, the latter consists in increasing the buttocks through synthetic materials, often injurious to health and it is also a procedure that is not approved by any international regulatory agency and control products used in medicine and plastic surgery.

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