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Brazilian Butt Lift

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Changes in the gluteal contour can be treated by liposuction, fat grafts, silicone implants or with a more extensive surgery as the combined gluteal and thigh lift procedure. All these procedures are different approaches to buttocks reshaping or gluteoplasty.

 The gluteal implants provide excellent contour to the region. They are introduced through a small incision in the intergluteal fold (between the buttocks) and positioned below the muscle.

Fat grafts increase the gluteal volume and fill depressed areas, granting a more harmonious frame, but they present varying degrees of absorption.

Liposuction of sacral fat (area just above the buttocks), of the subgluteus area and of culottes provides a better projection of the region, improving the result.

Gluteal lift, combined with leg lift, is a more radical surgery, prescribed for severe cases of flaccidity and lipodystrophy, which, although achieving excellent results, leaves a long scar, most often circumferential.

Each case is individually evaluated, so the most adequate treatment can be appropriately elected. The type of anesthesia will depend on the procedure and it can be epidural, general or spinal anesthesia.

The period of hospitalization is commonly of 24 hours.

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