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Folic unit microimplant surgery is currently the best surgical method for the treatment of baldness. It consists of removing a scalp strip from the back of the head. This area has hair follicles that are resistant to falling. The follicular units are then individualized under a microscope and transplanted, unit per unit to the bald area.

The hair restoration is a laborious and meticulous process, but it provides the best and most natural results. Past techniques such as the simultaneous transplantation of various follicular units have created a doll-like appearance and are unacceptable today. The transplant is not from the hair strands, but from the follicular units that produce the strands. In the first 15 days the hair grows to later fall almost completely. After a variable period of 3 to 4 months one or more new strands of hair will begin to grow to no longer fall.

More severe situations of baldness may require more than one session to achieve the goals.

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