In vitro fertilization with donor eggs [Medical]

Guatemala City, Guatemala

$9,500.00 USD

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Guatemala City



$9,500.00 USD

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In vitro fertilization with donor eggs

The price includes:

Medical fees, anesthesiologist, anesthesia, surgery room, egg retrieval, in vitro fertilization, all medicines, embryo transfer, ultrasound, costs related to donor and all pre and post treatment consultations.

Additional costs:

You should add $ 700 extra if the donor is over 35 years old. If the donor does not live in Guatemala but live in another Central American country or the south of Mexico, add $ 50 for shipping costs of medicines. If the husband's sperm count is low should make an ICSI (sperm injected directly into the egg) that has an extra cost of $ 600. If the husband had a vasectomy, you should make a TESE (testicular biopsy to extract sperm) that has a cost of US $ 1,100. We cryopreservation (freezing) of embryos and thus can be preserved for later use. The cost of cryo-preservation is $ 700 the first year and from the second, $ 400.


1) If you live in Central or South of Mexico, the residence time can be reduced to 11 days. We can send the drugs to their country with the treatment plan so that you know how to administer them. 2) If the husband of the patient can not stand the entire stay, only 3 days were enough to match the date of egg retrieval. 3) We have funding for patients living in the United States. 4) The couple comes two days before, when the egg retrieval from the donor is, for fertilization with fresh eggs and sperm. 5) Prior to coming lady should take contraceptives to their menstrual period coincides with that of the donor.


With high standards and the latest treatments available in Procrea Center , we are dedicated to treating couples who for some reason have not achieved the goal of having a child, seek to make this dream come true.

AI: Artificial insemination is a procedure used in assisted reproduction programs as a first choice in the management of infertile couples who have not achieved pregnancy after application of conventional treatments. With high standards and the latest existing treatments Center Procrea, dedicated to treating couples who for some reason have not achieved the goal of having a child, we will attempt this dream come true. The Procrea Center is directed by Dr. Emilio Novales Aguirre, physician and surgeon, graduated from Universidad Francisco MarroquĂ­n (Guatemala City). . He did his postgraduate studies in Gynecology and Obstetrics, Marien Hospital in Stuttgart, Germany and then a fellowship in Reproductive Medicine The main objectives of artificial insemination are:

  • Ensure the existence of eggs available
  • Bring the sperm to the egg in the female genital tract
  • Improve and increase the potential fertility of sperm conducting a series of laboratory procedure to ejaculate, collectively called SPERM TRAINING
  1. Artificial insemination is performed on couples who have not been pregnant because:
    • Alteration in the cervical mucus
    • Presence of antisperm antibodies
    • Stenosis (narrowing)
    • Aftermath of conization
    • Cryosurgery or laser treatment, etc.
  2. The woman has a problem at the level of the cervix as:
  3. Man shows alterations in semen are as decreased sperm count and / or mobility
  4. Decrease in ejaculate volume, excessive increase in the number of sperm
  5. Anatomical malformations of their reproductive organs or functional disturbances of ejaculation

the couple have an unexplained infertility (one in which all but studies show normal fertilization is achieved). The artificial insemination can be HOMOLOGOUS or HETEROLOGOUS :

  • Homologous artificial insemination is one where the partner's sperm is used
  • Heterologous artificial insemination is when sperm from a donor (bank frozen semen) is used, and indicates when the man has no sperm or when it is carrying a hereditary disease.

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