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Aside the firm gadgets such as brackets, there’s an option called Invisalign or also known as invisible orthodontics which consists in fabricating a set of Aligners handmade to each patients correct measurements. Diagnosis and revised treatment plant is necessary before considering the use of this.

The objective of an orthodontics treatment isn’t reached just by getting brackets or aligners, in multiple occasions, the treatment suggests the use of plates designed by your specialist in order to eradicate a bad habit and do guide facial growth and a better appearance on the patient overall.

Crowded, crooked and twisted teeth have a negative effect on physical appearance that could also harm your self-esteem. A poor dental positioning also implies that our patients have a greater risk of suffering development diseases such as dental cavities, gum diseases thanks to how hard it is to have a positive brushing technique and flossing.

Poorly aligned teeth also alter chewing functions which leads to poor digestion or an excessive distribution of force when biting, and this is how teeth get damaged easily, exposed to enamel fracture and in occasions, even tooth fracture.

Teeth that are poorly aligned bring mandibular joint pain along with head and neck muscles which results in neck pain and tension – In some cases it can cause severe damage due to the contractions in the chewing muscles.

The best time to evaluate a bad occlusion will always be at a young age, where we can prevent a bad habit to instal and guide facial growth which then leads to crowded teeth and further on.

75% of teenagers require orthodontics, being this the age in which facial growth is developed. Being able to use advanced corrective gadgets, 80% of the treatment may be completed before the patient develops permanent teeth.

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