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$7,200.00 USD

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Vitro Fertilization: Fertilization or in vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the most used among assisted reproductive technologies and one of the best options to treat infertility problems or frequent and systematic methods abortions.Since the first birth , occurred in England in 1978, thousands of children have been born under this technique with success. The results in patients less than 38 years old and with good ovarian response to treatment are about 70% successful when performed up to 4 attempts, the pregnancy rate is over 90%. It consists of uniting egg and sperm in a medium culture to fertilize when naturally present can not for some dysfunction in men or women. The procedure to be successful, requires professional involvement and care and quality control, so the first step is to evaluate both the characteristics of the eggs and sperm, because in many cases can not conceive a child is due to a problem with these sex cells, which are the only body that can by joining generate new human life . First you have to prepare each woman individually, taking into account their age, hormonal levels, health status in general and gynecological history and other factors. In Procrea Center will take care of you, providing the appropriate treatment prior to fertilization, in our facilities you can also take your prenatal care for which we have the most advanced diagnostic methods including 4D Ultrasound , enhanced the possibility of an amniotic puncture, fetal monitoring, among others.Process sperm injection or ICSI: . is the introduction, by a microneedle, a sperm into the cytoplasm (lining of the egg) egg ICSI technique is indicated:

  • In cases of male factor (single seminal defects or combined) comprising oligoastenoteratozoospermias severe, the criptozoospermias, azoospermia of obstructive origin and intractable secretory and ejaculated with completely immobile sperm (total ASTHENOZOOSPERMIA and necrozoospermias).
  • In cases of non-fertilization in previous IVF cycle.
  • Also in cases of valuable sperm samples (cryopreserved samples vasectomized males treated by radiotherapy or chemotherapy).
  • When a low final concentration of motile sperm obtained in previous IVF cycles with low rate of fertilization or when the sperm comes from the testicles.
  • ICSI only be done when the oocytes are mature, that is, when they are at the optimum time to be fertilized. This represents only a portion of total oocytes retrieved in one cycle. Fertilization rate after ICSI is about 70%
  • The quality of the ICSI embryos obtenidostras posiblilidades offer the same success that the IVF, if the quality of the embryos is comparable.
  • In cases of severe male factor, prior to in vitro fertilization with intracytoplasmic sperm injection it is important to proceed to the study of testicular meiosis to rule out genetic abnormalities in sperm that could lead to repeated failures in achieving pregnancy or embryonic abnormalities. In some cases, if there is sufficient number of cells can be done spermatogenesis in this study semen.


The price includes:

Medical fees, anesthesiologist, anesthesia, surgery room, egg retrieval, in vitro fertilization, all medicines, embryo transfer, use of special microscope ultrasound, ICSI process, testicular biopsy, general anesthesia for biopsy and all pre and post consultation treatment.

Additional costs:

When removing the sperm through the testicular biopsy, it was cryo-preserved and because of this must be added by cryopreservation of testicular tissue US $ 700 / year


1) If you live in Central or South of Mexico, we can send the drugs to their country with the treatment plan so that you know how to administer them. 2) If the husband of the patient can not stand the entire stay, only 3 days were enough to match the date of egg retrieval. 3) We have funding for patients living in the United States and Canada. Process: the day of the extaccion of ovules is done and generally sedation is used.

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